One of the most important factors to understand with investments and pensions is your individual risk profile.  Risk and reward have a very important relationship as, generally speaking, the more risk you are willing to accept and tolerate then the more the rewards may be over the longer term.  Importantly though, this also means the more volatility (ups and downs) you may experience along the way.


One other factor is timescale, if you don’t need your money for 20 years then you may be prepared to accept a little more risk than if you were saving to say buy a house in 3 years time.


At Financial Fortress we believe all clients are unique and unlike many of our competitors, do not have a “one size fits all approach”.  We carefully work with you to understand what your aims are, the timescale you are planning over and by using a market leading “psychometric risk profiling tool” (based on a questionnaire that makes suggestions) are able to help you navigate this complicated area.  A robust questionnaire is only a small part of the process and your adviser will delve closely, asking open questions in order to get to know you before recommending the correct investments.


Simply put, we use a scale of 0-5 with 0 being no risk and 5 being adventurous. Each profile is then broken down into timescales of short (less than 5 years), medium (5-10 years) and long (10+ years) with all the investments available being allocated to an appropriate profile.


Your risk tolerance is not static and as your experience evolves or your timescale shortens (due to approaching retirement for example) with our ongoing advice service, we guarantee regular face to face reviews ensuring as your appetite and profile changes we will alter your investments accordingly.


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