Our process

Here at Financial Fortress we have decades of experience allowing us to tailor the whole process around you.  Generally speaking, our financial planning process can be broken down into five easy steps and is usually completed over 2 meetings.  Here’s what to expect:


Understanding you (the factfind)

Probably the most important part of any relationship is getting to know each other properly, only then are we able to make quality recommendations that truly work and take account of your financial circumstances and needs.  At Financial Fortress we have invested in exclusive, cutting edge tools and technology to ensure we do this effectively in an easy to understand manner.


The fact-find will be tailored depending on your needs, for example if your only priority is a mortgage, there is no point having a discussion on the tax implications of an investment!!


Disclosure of our service and cost

At our first meeting, your adviser will clearly explain who we are, what services we offer, the details of our regulator and how we get paid. Bear in mind we are independent, un-restricted and whole of market advisers. This means we are able to source you the very best, most cost effective solutions from any provider in the marketplace. You can choose how to pay us, either directly from yourself or from your plans themselves. You will also know to the penny how much we will receive ensuring complete transparency and value for money.


The recommendations

Once we have established all the facts, we will make clear recommendations to you based on the information gathered and the areas of need. These will be presented in written format supported by FCA approved personalised illustrations and easy to read guides with your adviser explaining it all clearly and without jargon or pressure.


The recommendations will also include a full breakdown of costs and whether we will receive this from you or the plan provider depending on your preferences.



Now you have all the facts at hand, you can make an informed decision to take action.  Where you agree with our recommendations your adviser will guide you through completing the often complicated paperwork and application forms. We will then liaise with the chosen providers to ensure all plans are set up correctly and in accordance with your wishes.


Ongoing advice (investments and pensions only)

Unlike other companies, we do not hide any commissions or charges in your plans. If you only want the initial advice and decide you are happy looking after your plans yourself then we are happy to remain available on a reactive basis.


With investments and pensions, as these products and legislation surrounding them is constantly changing we recommend you opt to include our ongoing advice service. For an additional annual cost, we will guarantee you a pro-active service including face to face annual reviews and careful ongoing management of both the providers chosen and investments placed.  This really does provide you with complete peace of mind!


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