Our mission statement: “To help every client build their very own Financial Fortress!”

At Financial Fortress, we believe that good financial planning is absolutely key to everyone at all stages of their lives to ensure total financial security, protect your loved ones and allow absolute peace of mind. Whether you are buying your first home, aiming to protect your family from life changing events, investing for a rainy day or planning for your retirement it is vital you get the very best advice from an expert you can trust. No matter the size of your need, at Financial Fortress we provide trusted advice no matter what keeps you up at night!


The financial marketplace is constantly evolving with new, sometimes complicated products being launched regularly by a great number of companies so ensuring you get value for money and top quality advice that is tailored for you has never been harder. Fortunately, we are here to help.


Here at Financial Fortress, unlike some of our competitors we are “directly authorised” advisers.  Simply put, we are a family company that is not owned or part of any larger business and therefore are able to work with every single mortgage, life insurance, investment and pension provider in the UK. Whilst this complexity comes with many difficulties for us (we have to get to know every single company and plan offered) we absolutely believe this provides the very best level of service and choice for our clients.


Unlike some other companies, we do not sell our own products, receive hidden payments or commissions and therefore you can trust that you are receiving the very best advice at all times. You pay us and therefore we work for you and for your interests only!


Everything we do is technology driven and we use market leading systems from the very best providers to provide quality advice others can only dream of!  We carry out regular due diligence on all our suppliers and providers enabling us to be extremely efficient and nimble when the financial market changes.


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