Business investment

Many companies are lucky enough to have large cash balances in their accounts, perhaps from built up profits or capital for future use. With interest rates being extremely low leaving this with your bank will earn very little in the way of interest.


The banks also know that the traditional option is a savings account in the business’s name and tend to pay even lower interest rates than you may get personally but the need to maintain the capital in the business for tax purposes is more important.


Here at Financial Fortress, we are experts in investments. Not just in wealth management for the private individual but our corporate clients also. Our advisers understand the different vehicles and tax wrappers available to your business and will work with you to find something suitable to make your money work harder. Some types of investments are recognised as being particularly suitable for business’s and therefore interest and growth is returned to the business “tax paid” ensuring no additional liability to you regardless of being a sole trader, partnership or Limited Company.

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