At retirement

Approaching retirement or already there? One of the most difficult things to work out is what shape your income should simple terms should I buy an annuity, take a scheme pension or enter drawdown?  In the modern pensions landscape the majority probably now enter some form of drawdown arrangement but the main problem with this is running out of money.


We get asked all the time “what should I do” and if you can answer one simple question we will work it out to the penny....what date will you die? Problem is we don’t know (and don’t want to know) so there is no perfect solution. There is also a need to plan for any surviving spouse and possibly even dependent relatives.


Here at Financial Fortress we use modern planning tools and are able to demonstrate accurately the effect of any proposed income stream. Our technology allows us to vary your proposed income, allow lump sum withdrawals, continue with some accumulation and takes account of charges, growth and taxation implications putting all the information you need at your fingertips. Our aim is to grow your money along the way and make the whole pot last longer than it would if you go it alone.

Whilst we can’t guarantee when your fund may run out due to fluctuating investment returns and changes in legislation for example, if using our ongoing advice service we will review this at least every year with you ensuring your pensions always remain on track as planned and making any adjustments necessary along the way.

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